Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

At Tecxar Consultants Pvt Ltd referred to as “Tecxar” or “Developer”, we value the trust you place in us when we work together by any/all range of varied services as well as products purchases. We’ve built an enduring reputation for using technology and data to bring transparency, integrity and efficiency to everyone we serve. Part of our commitment to transparency and integrity is making sure you understand what data we collect, how we use it and what happens when the contract is completed successfully.

Tecxar’s Privacy Policy referred to as “Policy” or “Privacy Policy”, describes how we collect and use your personal information when you visit our websites, use our mobile and web applications, or call us on the phone. In this Policy, “we” and “our” references Tecxar and “you” and “your” references any person who uses any of our websites, services and/or applications.

Assurance Delivered:

Tecxar has never sold your information to a third party for marketing, financial gain, or to display advertisements to you, and we never will. For many years, this has been our strategy and dedication, and we are still committed to it. This policy explains the data we obtain about you, how we use it, who has access to it, and what you can do to control it.

  • In order to deliver services to you, we only gather the data that we actually need and that is important to us. Some of that is data you voluntarily provide to us when you get in touch with us via email, contact forms, or lead generation forms to inquire about our services or make a purchase. Your name, contact information (phone, address, social media handles, etc.), and details specific to your particular project are all kept on file.
  • We automatically record some basic information whenever you visit one of our websites or use one of our services, including how you got there, where you went on the site, where you were located, and what features and settings you used. We use this data to enhance your experience while using our services and to help us better serve you.
  • We automatically record some basic information whenever you visit one of our websites or use one of our services, including how you got there, where you went on the site, where you were located, and what features and settings you used. We use this data to enhance your experience while using our services and to help us better serve you.
  • We use your information to set up and manage your accounts, as well as to deliver the services you've requested. We also use it to keep in touch with you regarding the services you are presently using, your requests for customer service, potential new services you might be interested in, opportunities for you to provide us with feedback, and policy updates. To better understand customer needs and enhance our websites and services, we analyze the data we gather.
  • We require a legal basis before we can collect and use your information. Most of the time, in order to offer the service, you've asked from us, we either have your permission or require the information. When that's not the case, we must show that we have another legal justification, such as our really pursued economic interests.
  • You can opt out later or refuse to provide some types of information up front, depending on how you feel about using it. You can also turn off cookies to stop your browser from sending us information, but doing so might make some website features inoperable. All Tecxar websites have third-party cookies totally disabled.
  • We only allow our workers and vendors that need access to your personal information to do so.
  • The European Economic Area (EEA) gives data subjects a number of rights (including access, rectification, erasure, restriction of processing, data portability, and the right to object and to complain). No matter where you choose to live, Tecxar promises to give you the same rights.
  • We retain your personal data for as long as necessary to fulfil the obligations outlined in the Privacy Policy. If we no longer need to process your information, we will, as appropriate, delete, anonymize, or isolate your information.
  • By utilizing Tecxar services to manage other people's data, such as information about your clients or staff members, you are entrusting us with the responsibility of processing that data.
  • As a service provider, you may disclose information about your clients, staff, and suppliers as part of the project development process. Your service data is yours. We safeguard it, restrict access to it, and only use it for the purposes that you specify. You have access to it, can distribute it using third-party integrations, and can ask us to export or remove it.
  • As long as you decide to use Tecxar services, we keep the data. Your data will be removed from our development and backup server with your permission after the termination of your contract, while we may preserve the data backup if you wish to do so for a specific amount of time.
  • You can ask us to take specific actions with regard to personal data if you reside in the European Economic Area and you suspect that someone has given it to us for processing (for example, an employee, your employer, or a business whose services you use). Please get in touch with the person or business that gave us the data if you'd like to exercise those rights, and we'll work with them to fulfil your request.
  • The privacy we can guarantee you has some restrictions. If it's essential to comply with the law, stop fraud, carry out a contract, or for the safety of our users, we may need to share personal information. When a common protocol for handling Do Not Track requests from web browsers is established, we will adhere to it. Currently, we do not respect these requests.
  • Social media widgets and third-party websites each have their own unique privacy rules. When disclosing personal information to other parties, always review the applicable privacy policy.
  • You can always get in touch with us to: inquire about our privacy policies; seek for a GDPR-compliant Data Processing Addendum; notify us if you think we have gathered personal information from a youngster; or request to have your details deleted from our blogs or forums. You can also review our privacy and security policies.
  • In the extremely rare event that we ever decide to sell our services, we will get in touch with you to let you know if we make any significant changes to our privacy policy.
  • The Tecxar Group, which consists of all the businesses indicated here (collectively, "Tecxar," "we," "us," or "our"), has prepared this privacy statement, which is effective as of January 22, 2019. It holds true for all of our divisions: Tecxar Consulting Pvt. Ltd.
  • Long before taking such a position became politically trendy, fashionable, or legally required, Tecxar's approach to privacy policy was very genuine. We only request or obtain the bare minimum of data that we deem necessary for a given transaction or for conducting business in general. Customers are given access to the data we have on them and given the option to decline certain engagements, But we make no money from advertising and never will—even if you merely submit a project inquiry without choosing our services. This is our pledge. We avoid the fundamental conflict of interest that results from collecting consumer information and generating advertising money, as well as the privacy violations that it inevitably entails.
  • The purpose of this policy is to clearly state what data we collect on our clients and website visitors, how we intend to use it, and how we do not intend to use it. Unfortunately, this policy is longer than we would like, but we must clearly cover each and every pertinent situation. As much as feasible, we'll work to keep the language straightforward and uncomplicated.
  • All Tecxar websites that link to this page are subject to this Privacy Policy. This also holds true for Tecxar's offerings made available through these websites and our mobile applications. Any of our websites, goods, or services that have their own privacy policies are not covered by this privacy statement.
Our entire Privacy Policy breaks into 3 major parts:
  • What we collect:
  • This section explains how Tecxar gathers and makes use of data regarding users of its services, website visitors, and other parties who contact Tecxar via forms or email addresses posted on or linked to our websites.
  • What we do with the collected information:
  • This section explains how Tecxar manages the data you give us when you use our goods and services or when you give us any private or confidential information while contacting customer support
  • General disclaimers:
  • This section covers broad issues like Tecxar's pledges to security and how we will notify you when we make changes to this Privacy Policy, as well as issues that are pertinent to both the data we collect and what we do with it.
  • We only gather information about you if we genuinely need it for one of our many acceptable uses. Only if (a) you voluntarily gave the information, (b) Tecxar automatically gathered the information, or (c) Tecxar acquired the information from a third party, would Tecxar have information about you. The different scenarios that fit into each of those three categories and the data gathered in each are described below.
Information that you provided:
  • To create fresh inquiries, use an inquiry form, email, or third-party partners: To complete the enquiry process, we need information such your name, contact number, email address, company name, and country when you email or use an online web form to contact us about one or more of our services. We don't require that information for initial contact, but you are welcome to give us extra details like your picture, time zone, and language. Once you fill out one of the forms stated above, one of our real workers will have direct access to your information to take the inquiry further and get in touch with you to ask for pre-sales information about your company and your project.
  • Surveys, feedback, and other form submissions: We keep a record of the information you give us when you I sign up for any event, including webinars or seminars, (ii) sign up for our newsletter or another mailing list, (iii) submit a form to download a portfolio, company profile, whitepaper, or other materials, (iv) take part in contests or give feedback, or (v) submit a form to contact Tecxar for any other reason.
  • Project Creation: We ask for your name, contact information, personal information, project-related information, social media profile links, and time zone when you purchase or sign a contract to buy any of our services. All of this data is kept on our secure project management platform (ERP).
  • Payment processing: We require your name, contact information, credit card information, or PayPal information if you purchase any of our services. The details of your credit card, bank account, PayPal account, or any other method you choose to use to make a payment are NEVER STORED by us. With the help of our Payment Gateway Service Providers' secure servers, all payments are completed.
  • Testimonials: We may use your name and other personal information in testimonials when you give us permission to post testimonials about our products and services on websites. Before we submit the testimonial, you will have a chance to check and approve it. You can use this form to get in touch with us if you want to modify or remove your testimonial
  • Interactions with Tecxar: For the purpose of enhancing our interactions with you and other customers, we may record, analyze, and use your interactions with us, including email, telephone, and chat conversations with our sales, project management, account management, and customer support professionals.
Information collected from Third Party:
  • Referrals: Your name, email address, and other personal information may have been given to us by someone who recommended one of our goods or services to you through one of our referral programs. You can use this form to get in touch with us and ask us to delete your data from our database. If you send us information about someone else, or if someone else offers us information about you, we will only use it for the exact purpose for which it was given to us.
  • Social media and other publicly accessible sources of information: We may gather such publicly available information, including profile information, when you engage with us through posts, comments, questions, and other interactions on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Instagram. This enables us to connect with you, improve our services, or better comprehend user reactions and issues. We must inform you that when it has been gathered, this information might still be kept by us even if you remove it from the social media platforms.
  • To communicate with you (for example, by email) about projects you are working on, services you are interested in, updates to this privacy statement, updates to the terms of service, or significant notices.
  • To keep you informed about new goods and services, forthcoming occasions, deals, and other news we believe may be of interest to you
  • To request your participation in surveys or to ask for your opinion on our services and goods
  • To create and maintain your account and complete all other tasks necessary for the provision of our services, such as enabling collaboration, obtaining requirements, developing projects, and deploying projects;
  • To better our products and services, to monitor and prevent issues, and to comprehend how customers use our products and services.
  • To offer customer service, and to evaluate and enhance how we connect with customers.
  • To report spam, identify and stop fraudulent transactions, and safeguard the rights and interests of Tecxar, its users, other parties, and the general public.
  • ln order to add to, broaden, and evaluate our data, find new clients, and provide goods and services that might be of interest to you;
  • To run our websites, monitor user navigation, and do trend analyses in order to better understand visitor needs.
  • To keep track of, enhance, and provide suggestions for user-relevant marketing initiatives.
  • Legal bases for processing that apply to Tecxar: If you are a person from the European Economic Area (EEA), our legal justification for collecting and using your personal information depends on what information is at issue and the context in which we do so. The majority of our data collection and processing operations are often justified by one or more of the following: I contractual need; (ii) one or more legitimate interests of Tecxar or a third party; or (iii) your consent. We may occasionally need to collect your information to comply with legal obligations or to safeguard your legitimate interests or the interests of another person.
  • Revocation of consent: In situations where we use your consent as the legal basis, you have the right to revoke it at any time; however, doing so will not impact any processing that has already taken place.
  • Notice regarding legitimate interests: If we depend on legitimate interests as our legal justification and those legitimate interests are not listed above, we will make sure to make that apparent to you at the time we acquire your information.
  • Avoid receiving non-essential electronic communications by using the "unsubscribe" feature contained in all such communications to stop receiving newsletters and other such communications. You will still get notifications and important transactional emails about the services you purchased, though.
  • Before browsing our websites, you can turn off cookies in your browser. Nevertheless, if you do so, you could have trouble using some website functions.
  • Each of the Tecxar group companies listed here has access to the data in Part I. None of your personal information is sold by us. We only share your information with parties who follow the confidentiality and security measures outlined in this privacy statement and only in the circumstances specified in it.
  • Employees and independent contractors: On a need-to-know basis, all Tecxar group entities' employees and independent contractors have access to the information specified in Part I. For any personal information we disclose with them, we expect all Tecxar group entities' employees and independent contractors to abide by our Privacy Policy.
  • Using third-party service providers, such as marketing and advertising partners, event planners, site analytics providers, and payment processors, may require us to share your personal information as well as aggregated or de-identified data with them. Your personal information will only be used by these service providers as required to carry out their tasks for us.
  • The following rights apply to information that Tecxar keeps about you if you reside in the European Economic Area (EEA). No matter where you choose to live, Tecxar promises to give you the same rights.
  • Right of access: You have the right to see (and request a copy of, if necessary) the categories of personal information we have on file about you, as well as its source, reason for being processed, how long it was kept on file, and the people with whom it was shared.
  • Right to rectification: You have the right to update or correct any inaccurate information we may have about you. You can direct us to add more information about you based on the purpose for which we use your information.
  • Right to erasure: In certain situations, such as when it is no longer required for the reason it was originally obtained, you have the right to request that we delete your personal information.
  • Right to request limitation of processing: In certain situations, such as when you have objected to our use of your data but we need to confirm if we have overriding legitimate grounds to use it, you may also have the right to request restriction of processing.
  • Right to object: In certain situations, such as when your personal information is used for direct marketing, you have the right to object to the use of your information.
  • Right to complain: If you have any issues with how we gather, use, or distribute your information, you have the right to complain to the proper supervisory authority. If your nation doesn't have a supervisory authority that oversees data protection, you might not be able to exercise this right.
  • We save your personal data for as long as necessary to fulfil the goals outlined in this privacy statement. If allowed or required by law, we may keep your information for longer periods of time. For example, we may do so in order to maintain suppression lists, stop abuse, if necessary, in connection with a legal claim or proceeding, to enforce our agreements, for tax or accounting purposes, or in order to meet other legal requirements. For legal, financial, and future communication purposes, we may preserve your information in the same way that we do the necessary information about our customers.
Information entrusted and purpose:
  • Information provided in connection with services: By using our services or contacting Tecxar for technical support, you may give us information that you, your business, or another entity ("you") control. Data that you hold and use on behalf of another person for a specified purpose, such as a customer to whom you provide services, or information about your customers and employees (if you are a controller) (if you are a processor). When you use our services, the data may either be stored on our servers or transferred or shared with us when you ask for technical help or other services.
  • (The word "service data" refers to all information provided to Tecxar.)
Control over your data:
  • We understand that the service data belongs to you. We give you total control over your service data by enabling you to I access it, (ii) share it with others using supported third-party integrations, and (iii) ask for an export or deletion of it.
Usage of service data:
  • When you provide us instructions during the various stages of our services or project development, we process your service data.
With whom we exchange service data:
  • Tecxar and third-party sub-processors: The contracting party for which you wish to buy third-party services will offer services and technical assistance throughout the development.
  • Employees and independent vendors: In order to I identify, analyze, and resolve errors, (ii) manually verify emails reported as spam to improve spam detection, we may grant access to your service data to our employees and individuals who are independent contractors of the Tecxar group entities involved in providing the services (collectively our "employees"). We make sure that only certain people have access to the data from your service, and that this access is tracked and verified. Data that you knowingly supply with us for project development, technical help, or to import data for project development needs will also be accessible to our personnel. Our staff are informed of our privacy and security policies, and the Tecxar group as a whole rigorously adheres to privacy precautions.
  • Integrations with third parties that you have enabled: If you decide to enable any integrations with third parties for your project, you might be giving the third-party access to your service information and personal data about you. Before enabling integrations with third-party services and products, we strongly advise you to study their privacy policies.
Retention of information:
  • The information is kept in your account for as long as you decide to utilize the Tecxar Services. Your data, code, and database will be kept for backup and repository purposes exclusively in a secure environment once your contract with Tecxar expires or the project is finished and delivered. Being a client, your personal and service data will be retained in our ERP for accounting and future reference.
Data Subject Request:
  • Please contact the customer support if you would like to access, rectify, erase, restrict or object to processing, or export your personal data if you are from the European Economic Area and you believe that we keep, use, or process your information on behalf of one of our customers. In order to help our customer, we will do our best to react to your request in a timely manner.
  • Individuals under the age of 16 are not intended for our services. Children under the age of 16 are not knowingly subject to Tecxar's collection of their personal information. If we learn that a child under the age of 16 has given us personal information, we will take steps to remove it. If you have reason to believe that a child under the age of 16 has given us personal information, kindly let us know through this form, and we will take the appropriate actions to erase the information we have on file for that kid.
Information security:
  • To protect the information, you provide to us against unauthorized access, use, modification, disclosure, or destruction, we have taken efforts to adopt the necessary administrative, technological, and physical safeguards. We invite you to review our Security Policy or contact us using [this form- provide link to contact us form] if you have any queries about the security of your data.
DNT (Do not Track) Request:
  • Certain web browsers have "Do Not Track" (DNT) features activated, which inform the websites you visit that you do not want to be monitored. This signal is known as the DNT signal. There is currently no standard that specifies what actions websites can take or ought to take in response to these signals. We now don't respond to these signals by doing anything.
External Links of Tecxar’s website:
  • Links to websites not affiliated to this privacy policy may be found on certain of our website pages. Your privacy is subject to their privacy rules if you provide your personal information to any of these third-party websites. We advise against disclosing any personal information to these third parties unless you have verified their privacy practices and read their privacy policies.
Blogs and Forums:
  • On our websites, we provide publicly accessible blogs. Be careful that any information you give out on these sites could be used to send you unsolicited communications. On our blogs and forums, we advise you to use caution while exposing personal information. The personal information you choose to make publicly available is not the responsibility of Tecxar. Even if you close your Tecxar account, your postings and other profile details can still be accessible. You can use [this form - provide a link to contact us form] to get in touch with us if you'd like your information taken off our blogs.
Social Media Widgets:
  • You can share articles and other content on our websites and blog by using social networking widgets like Facebook "like" buttons and Twitter "tweet" buttons. In order for these widgets to work correctly, they may gather data such as your IP address and the website pages you visit. They may also set cookies. The privacy rules of the businesses that provide these widgets govern how you interact with them.
Disclosure in compliance with legal obligations:
  • In order to comply with any relevant law, regulation, legal process, or governmental request, including to meet national security obligations, we may be obliged by law to keep or disclose your personal information and service data.
Our Right:
  • If we feel that disclosing the information is required for avoiding fraud, looking into any suspected criminal conduct, enforcing our agreements or regulations, or safeguarding the safety of our users, we may share personal information and service data to a third party.
Business Transfer:
  • We have no plans to sell our company. But, in the unlikely event that we sell our company, are purchased, or merge with another company, we will make sure that the acquiring corporation is obligated by law to uphold our obligations to you. Whenever time there is a change in ownership or the intended use of your personal information and service data, you will be notified either by email or via a prominent notice on our website. Also, we will let you know about any options you may have in relation to your personal data and service data.
Compliance with privacy policy:
  • We make every effort to ensure that the personal information you give is utilized in accordance with this Privacy Policy, including conducting routine reviews. Please contact us using [this form- provide link to contact us form] if you have any questions about how we are adhering to this privacy statement or how your personal information is being used. To properly resolve your worries, we'll get in touch with you and, if necessary, work with the relevant regulatory bodies.
Notification of changes:
  • We reserve the right to change the Privacy Policy at any time. You will be notified through email sent to your main email address or through a service notice. You will receive at least 30 days' notice through email at your primary email address if we make major changes to the Privacy Policy that affect your rights. You have 30 days to send us an email to stop using our products and services if you believe that the revised Privacy Policy impairs your rights with regard to using them. Your continued use following the Privacy Policy's updated effective date will be taken as acceptance of the revised Privacy Policy. No emails will be sent to you informing you of minor Privacy Policy modifications. If the use of your personal information worries you, you should frequently revisit [Our Policy- Provide link to same page].
Accepting these terms:
  • You agree to this policy by making use of this website. Please don't use our Site if you disagree with this policy. If modifications to this policy are posted and you continue to use the site, it will be assumed that you agree to the changes.
Governing Law:
  • The state of Gujarat, India, shall control the terms and conditions and transactions contemplated by this agreement, and such state's laws shall be applied without regard to its rules on choice of law. Any contract entered into with Tecxar, or its parent company or subsidiaries shall not be subject to the United Nations Convention on the Contracts for the International Sale of Goods. Any legal or equitable action arising out of or connected to these Terms or the Manual must be brought in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India's courts.
Refund Policy:
  • Because Tecxar values its clients' satisfaction above everything else, it has a courteous cancellation policy. As a merchant, we offer a service that is delivered through services. Our offering is not a tangible item that can be returned for a refund as a result. There is no product to return; it can be utilized right away.
  • All projects are carried out by Tecxar in accordance with Milestones, which specify the course or road map to be followed by the project.
  • To ensure that teams have a complete understanding of the work that needs to be done and to eliminate the possibility of a project cancellation, reversal, or dispute, all Web design, development, and application work is carried out and accepted following a thorough analysis and creation of a complete scope document.
  • A refund would not be available for the work already accomplished because Tecxar and the Clientele are aware that effort is required to meet each project milestone and complete each module.
  • In the event of a mutually agreed-upon project termination, Tecxar ensures that the client retains ownership of all work completed to that point and receives a refund of any amounts spent for additional development.
  • Also, Tecxar honors a client's choice to collaborate with a different service provider within 48 hours of the project's start. In such a case, Tecxar would return the project's total up-to-date payments made.
  • For those Services that the Tecxar marketing team has provided on special occasions, cancellations are not accepted. Cancellations are not allowed because these are limited-time specials.
  • Development and consulting services are non-refundable if they are T&M (Time & Material) based services or Hire Dedicated Developer services.
Cancellation Policy:
  • All cancellation requests must be made in writing to Tecxar's Project Management Office (PMO). Your cancellation requests can be sent via email. Your request won't be taken into account until you hear back from our Project Management Office.
  • Processing a cancellation request takes at least two weeks.
  • Project cancellation is based on the service level agreement that was established with you before the project began.
  • Projects cannot be canceled after they are made available for beta testing.
  • If you and Tecxar decide to end a project, you will be responsible for paying for the work done up until the point of termination.
  • If you don't take care of the money, we won't send the source code, the design, or any other project-related materials.
Delivery Policy:
  • Since we provide services, we cannot send physical goods. Hence, there is no danger that anything will go missing or get lost. Our outputs are in the form of compiled applications, software code, and design files. These deliverables are sent to you via email or our collaboration platform as electronic files. Following delivery, you must save a copy of the electronic files on your server or another storage medium. Tecxar can redeliver the electronic files to you for up to 30 days from the delivery date; beyond that, Tecxar is no longer responsible.
1 Information that Tecxar collects and Control:
  • In order to deliver services to you, we only gather the data that we actually need and that is important to us. Some of that is data you voluntarily provide to us when you get in touch with us via email, contact forms, or lead generation forms to inquire about our services or make a purchase. Your name, contact information (phone, address, social media handles, etc.), and details specific to your particular project are all kept on file.
  • We automatically record some basic information whenever you visit one of our websites or use one of our services, including how you got there, where you went on the site, where you were located, and what features and settings you used. We use this data to enhance your experience while using our services and to help us better serve you.
  • We automatically record some basic information whenever you visit one of our websites or use one of our services, including how you got there, where you went on the site, where you were located, and what features and settings you used. We use this data to enhance your experience while using our services and to help us better serve you.
2 What is done to the data collected:
3 Data or Information processed by Tecxar for you.
4 General:
5 Privacy Policy:
6 Tecxar’s commitment:
7 Scope:
8 What we collect:
9 Purpose for using information:
10 Legality on using the information:
11 Deciding how to use information.
12 Information Sharing:
13 Your Rights as a contractor:
14 Information retention
15 Information that Tecxar Collects and handle: